No. 7 up and coming female soca artist: Valene Nedd (Grenada)


7. Valene Nedd (Grenada)


Valene Nedd has a vocal range that extends from as low as the ocean’s floor to as high as the skies above. She is known throughout Grenada for her unforgiving vocals that leave listeners emotionally satisfied. Sounds like a stretch? Take a listen.

Valene started her career singing both reggae and soca music. In 2012, she featured on the BOSTANDBIM produced Hustling Riddim with the track My Ghetto Cry. Although she continued to perform at reggae shows throughout the island, Valene never gave up on soca music.

In 2013, she had her first major hit for Grenada’s carnival-Spicemas- with the track I am not a saint. The single got her, for the first time, into the finals of the Groovy Soca Monarch competition and continues to receive tremendous airplay on the nation’s top radio stations.

In 2014, Valene wowed the Grenadian public again with the release of Sando, Sando –a Jab Molassie song that instantly won the hearts of many. Although she did not make it to the finals of any of the competitions, the song got her the second place spot at the Jab Jab Fest competition and was a strong contender for the Road March title.

Valene is known as an “artiste of the people” throughout Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

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