Guyanese now fifth-largest foreign-born population in New York City

Guyanese community New York

According to the latest American Community Survey figures, there are about 140,000 Guyanese immigrants living in New York City which makes them the fifth-largest foreign-born population in the city.

While many Afro-Guyanese immigrants have settled among other Afro-Caribbean immigrants in neighborhoods like Canarsie and Flatbush in Brooklyn, Guyanese of East Asian extraction live mostly in the Richmond Hill and neighboring Ozone Park neighborhoods of Queens, New York.

Liberty Avenue and its tributaries are lined with roti shops, restaurants and bakeries like Sybil’s Bakery & Restaurant (132-17 Liberty Avenue; 718-835-9235), two branches of Little Guyana Bake Shop (116-04 Liberty Avenue, 718-843-6530, and 124-11 Liberty Avenue, 718-843-4200), and The Hibiscus Restaurant & Bar (124-18 101st Avenue; 718- 849-4225). There are shops selling all manner of goods, from spices to saris, like Dave West Indian Imports (98-07 97th Avenue; 718-323-1200); dancing schools and political clubs; “rum shops”; and community associations in the area.  And the neighborhood is peppered with mosques, temples and churches to accommodate the population’s Hindus, Muslims and Christians.

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Editor's Note: This article was first published  on Tuesday, June 9, 2013. From time to time we will republish articles of great importance to our readers.