Caribbean Carnivals Around The World By Dates

Caribbean carnival

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2015 Caribbean Carnivals Dates.

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Jan 5-Feb 12th, 2015   Curaao Carnival (Fudeka)
Feb 16, 2015   The Fi Wi Sinting Festival, Jamaica
Feb 7, 2015   Carnival on Bonaire
Feb 16 to Feb 17   Trinidad and Tobago Carnival
Feb 16 to Feb 17   Venezuela
Feb 20 to April 12   Bacchanal Jamaica
Feb 18   Panama City, Panama
Feb 23   Guyana (Mashramani)
Jan 27 to Feb 17   Aruba
Feb 13 to Feb 17   Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Feb 16 to 17   Dominica Carnival
Feb 17   Mardi Gras, New Orleans, LA
Feb to March   Haiti Carnival (Kanaval)
April 4 to May 2   St. Thomas, V.I: Culture to the Extreme
April 16 to May 4th   St. Maarten
April 25 to 26   Tampa Bay Caribbrean Festival
April   St. John, US Virgin Islands
May 2   Cayman Islands (Batabano)
May 7 to May 9   Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival
May 1 to 23   Honduras, La Ceiba Carnival
May 16   Miami, Fl, Haitian Compas Festival
May 21 to 24   Carnival Houston
May 21 to  24   Orlando, FL, Caribbean Carnival
May 22 to 25   Berlin, Germany: Karneval der Kulturen (with Caribbean section)
May 23   Atlanta, GA, Caribbean Carnival
May 23 to 24   Carnival San Francisco, CA
May 24   Houston, TX (Caribfest)
June   Houston, Texas, Caribbean Festival
June 8   Annual National Puerto Rican
Day Parade
June 12 to 15   Charleston Carifest Charleston, SC
June 13   Clermont, Florida: Taste of Caribbean and Jerk Festival
June 14   Philadelphia, PA
June   West Palm Beach, FL, Carnival
June 20   Atlanta,Georgia,
Caribbean Cultural Festival
June 27   Los Angeles, Hollywood Carnival Parade
June 29-Jul 10th   St. Vincent & The Grenadines
July 5 to 6   Houston Caribbean Festival
July    New Orleans, LA,
Essence Music Festival
July 4   Montreal, Canada (Carifest)
July 11th to 12   Baltimore, Maryland, Carnival 
July 11 to 12   Washington, DC
July 20 to  21   St. Lucia
July 24 to 25   Rotterdam (Zomer Carnival)
July 19 to 20   Atlantic City, NJ, Carnival
July 26   Hampton, Virginia, Caribfest
July    Bronx, New York,
Grand Dominican Parade
July 25   Jersey City, New Jersey,
Caribbean Carnival
Aug 1   Toronto Caribbean Carnival
(formerly Caribana)
August   Calgary Carifest, AB, Canada
July    Twin Cities, MN, Carifest
July 27 to August 5   Antigua Carnival
July 25 tp 26   Vancouver, BC
Aug    Anguilla Summer Festival
Aug    Barbados (Crop Over)
Aug ?,    Tortola Carnival (BVI)
Aug ?,    Nevis (Culturama)
Aug 14 to 15   Norfolk, Virginia
Aug ?   Hamilton, Canada
Aug    Edmonton (Cariwest)
Aug    Detroit, MI,
Caribbean Cultural Festival
Aug    Hartford (Connecticut)
Aug    Ottawa (Caribe-Expo)
Aug 22   Raleigh, NC, Caribmask
August 9,   New York City,
Annual Dominican Day Parade
Aug    Grenada (Spice Mas)
Aug 15   Chicago, IL, Windy City Carnival
Aug 17   Virginia, Caribfest Carnival
Aug    Boston, MA
Aug 24-25   Notting Hill (London, UK)
August    Brooklyn, New York,
Dominican Parade and Festival
Sep 7   New York, West Indian labor Day
Carnival Parade
Septemebr    Jacksonville Carnival
September    African American Day Parade
September*   Houston, Texas,
Pourto Rican and Cuban Festival
October*   Queens, New York,
Dominican Parade
October 11   Miami, FL,
Miami Broward one Carnival
October    New York City, Hispanic Day Parade
October    Los Angeles, CA
November 12 to 22   Cayman Pirates Week
Dec 14-Jan 1, 2016   Montserrat
Dec 15-Jan 2, 2016   St. Kitts
Dec 19-Jan 2, 2016   St. Croix, Virgin Islands
Dec 26 & Jan 1, 2016   Bahamas (Junkanoo)

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