Barbados' Imani is our No. 1 up and coming female soca artist

1. Imani (Barbados)

We congratulate Barbados' soca star Imani for being our number one up and coming female soca artist.

Barbados is traditionally known as the land of the flying fish and the brown pelican, well, it should  also be known as the land of the song-bird, Imani.  For the 30 year old artist, the year 2014 proved to be one of major successes, as she released one of the biggest songs for the Cropover festivities titled Bacchanal Road. 

The track, written by Trinidadian Jason “Shaft” Bishop, got her the title of People’s Soca Monarch and various nominations for the 2015 installment of the Barbados Music Awards.

Imani was first widely accepted in 2013 when she released Me. Although Imani’s introduction to the soca music scene is recent, her contributions over the past two years has definitely had an impact on the Barbadian community’s acceptance of female Barbadian soca artiste.

As she builds on her current success, Imani will be a force to be reckoned with in the Caribbean music industry.

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